Friday, March 5, 2010

Explanation Of The Creed (Sharh-us-Sunnah) Points. 41-45

Point---41 Shortening the Prayer when travelling is the Sunnah.

Point---42 As regards fasting when travelling, whoever wishes may fast and whoever wishes may abstain from fasting.1

1 Shaikh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimuAllah), says in Majmoo' al-Fatawaa (25/209), "As regards the journey on which the Prayer may be shortened, its permissible to abstain from fasting on it and to make up the fast later on, by agreement of the scholars. Abstaining from fasting is allowed for the traveller by agreement of the scholars whether one is able to fast or not, whether fasting is difficult or not, even if the traveller was shaded , had sufficient water and had someone to serve him, still it is allowed for him to abstain from fasting and to shorten the Prayer. Whoever says that abstaining from fasting is only allowed for one who is unable to fast then repentance is to be sought fro him, so either he repents or is executed. LIkewise, for one who criticises the one who abstains from fasting (on the journey) then his repentance is to be sought."

Point---43 There is no harm in praying whilst wearing broad and loose trousers.1
1 These points of fiqh have been mentioned by the author, since they were matters which were denied by some of the sects of innovation.

Point---44 Hypocrisy is to display Islaam with the tongue whilst inwardly hiding disbelief.1

1 Hypocrisy (Nifaaq) is of two types: (i) Hypocrisy of belief: This is what is mentioned by the author here. This type of hypocrisy takes a person outside the fold of Islaam. (ii) Hypocrisy of action: This involves a person having some of the characteristics of the hypocrites, i.e. lying, breaking promises, proving dishonest when trusted, behaving impudently when disputing and proving treacherous with regards to contracts. This type of, although very serious, does not take a person outside of Islaam but in time it may lead to that.

Point---45 Know that the world is the place of Eemaan and Islaam.1

1 The majority of scholars hold that this world is divided between Darul-Islaam and Daarul-Kufr.

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