Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hadeeth #1 (Actions Depend Upon their Intentions)

Narrated 'Umar bin Al-Khattab (radhiAllahu 'anhoo): Allah's Apostle ('allayhee salat wassalam) said, "The reward of deeds depends upon the intention and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended. So whoever emigrated for Allah and His Apostle, then his emigration was for Allah and His Apostle. And whoever emigrated for worldly benefits or for a woman to marry, his emigration was for what he emigrated for."

(Al-Bukhari #1; Muslim # 1907; Aboo dawood #2201; at-Tirmidhee #1467; Ibn Maajah #4227; an-Nisaa’ee 58-60/1; Imaam al-Bayhaqee in as-Sunan al-Kubraa)

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